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  • KONOHANA: True Report 2

    KONOHANA: True Report episode 2
    Ushinokoku Mairi no Kyoufu (ιﻲζ)
    broadcast 2001.04.15
    • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.04.17
    Miako took all of the new newspaper club members to the club room (Meguru's room), and they all introduced each other.

    Tachibana Miako, second year student, was the president of the newspaper club.

    Ohmi Yuko, second year student, was a long time friend of Miako. She's also in the brass band club.

    Momoi Meguru, second year student, just transferred to this school this spring.

    Mizuta Mari, third year student, also just transferred to this school this spring.

    Sakuraba Takeshi, first year student, loves Miako.

    They got five people for the newspaper club, but they still needed to find a teacher to sponsor them. Miako said she had a plan.

    Miako and Meguru went to Nonomura-sensei. Miako tried crying.. but Nonomura knew that she was faking it. Then he asked her why she wanted to start a newspaper club. Miako said that she wanted to be a journalist and help those in need. Then Nonomura told Miako that she should be more honest, but he said he would be their sponsor.

    When Miako and Meguru returned to the club room, Nakamura Kumiko was waiting for them. Kumiko said she needed help for her friend Aoki Rie.

    Kumiko said four nights ago, she couldn't sleep. Then at 2 AM she heard Rie get up and walk outside. Kumiko said she heard Rie go outside the next evening too.

    Kumiko thought that Rie was doing some secret prayer or curse. Miako thought this might be some big incident, and told everyone to meet at 1:30 AM that night.

    Miako had gotten the personal information about Kumiko and Rie. Nakamura Kumiko was a second year student, 143 cm tall. Aoki Rie was also a second year student, 170 cm tall. Miako had stolen the information from the office. Meguru said that it was invasion of privacy..

    Then they saw Rie walking outside, and went after her. But they lost her. Then they heard a scream.

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