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  • KONOHANA: True Report 3

    KONOHANA: True Report episode 3
    Love Love Wara Ningyou (らぶらぶわら人形)
    broadcast 2001.04.22
    • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.04.25
    Meguru and others ran toward the scream. They all saw Rie. But she was feeling very happy. Rie said that it was the 7th day. Then when she saw Meguru, she became even happier.

    Rie had been making a straw doll and had been performing a love ritual. One had to make a straw doll, put the name of the one you love on it, and then pound it into the legendary tree for seven nights, without being seen.

    Then they saw Meguru's name on the doll. Rie said that the superstition worked, as Meguru had come to see her in the middle of the night. Then Rie ran after Meguru, as Meguru ran away yelling for help. Miako was upset and was just watching.

    The next day at school, all of the girls were talking about the superstition. Meguru was wondering why all of the girls knew about it so quickly. But Miako said that she didn't hear about it.. Then Meguru asked her why she was upset, but she said that she wasn't.

    Then the teacher came, and class started. During class, Meguru noticed that all of the girls were doing something instead of listening to the lecture. Then the teacher spotted one of the girls trying to hide something. The girl was making a cute straw doll.

    During lunch break, Miako and Meguru were going to the newspaper club room. But some girls came up to Meguru, and asked for a strand of his hair. Miako got upset and walked away.

    Later, in the club room, Miako told Meguru that he should just give them his hair. But Meguru said that he didn't want to.

    Then Yuko came by and said Meguru should be careful. Putting a piece of hair in the straw doll was supposed to make the superstition work better. Since there weren't many guys in the school, a lot of girls was after Meguru.

    Then Takeshi came by. He showed everyone the straw doll that he made. Then he asked for a strand of Miako's hair. But Miako said that she would kick him out of the newspaper club. Then Meguru said that it was Miako who said that one shouldn't be too stingy about a strand of hair. Then Miako got mad and went off.

    As Meguru was heading for class, other girls quickly came up to him, and asked for his hair. Meguru ran off.

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