KONOHANA: True Report 4

Title KONOHANA: True Report episode 4
Subtitle Densetsu no Uso to Makoto (αȿ)
Aired 2001.04.29
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.05.01

Meguru and Miako were worried about the straw doll superstition that was going around the school. It was getting out of hand, like a cult religion.

Mizuta Mari said she got lots of straw doll goods, such as a key holder, pendant, telephone card, etc..

Yuko thought that Miako only had Sakuraba going after her. But Meguru told her that many first year girls were after her too. Miako quickly added that she wasn't interested in that kind of thing.

Miako said she wanted to research this legend of the straw doll, to find the truth behind it. So Miako, Meguru, Mari, Yuko decided to go to the library. But Miako and Meguru couldn't go out because so many people would try to get their hair. So Yuko came up with an idea. Miako was going to wear Meguru's uniform, and Meguru was going to wear Miako's skirt. But Meguru wasn't too thrilled with the idea.. Yuko even got a wig for him. The disguise worked, and they made it to the library without being noticed.

At the library, they looked through old books to see if they could find out anything about the straw doll legend. Meguru found a book that had something about the doll, but he couldn't read it because of the old handwriting. Miako couldn't read it either. But Mari was able to read parts of it.

Mari read the book. It said that a girl put a strand of hair of a guy into a straw doll, so she can part with the guy. The girl was able to part with the fiancee whom her parents had arranged, and was able to marry the one she really loved. So it was the opposite of the legend that was going around. Miako said it was their duty as the newspaper club to tell everyone the truth.

After the newspaper club released the news, everyone in the school calmed down. All the girls threw away their straw dolls.

Later Takeshi came running to Miako. He apologized for making the straw doll. Then Miako asked Takeshi for a strand of his hair, so she can make a straw doll to part with him. Takeshi became shocked that Miako hated him that much. He said he would quit the newspaper club. Miako said it was a joke, but Takeshi ran off.

Miako said it was ok, but Meguru pointed out that they wouldn't have enough people for the newspaper club. So Miako ran after Takeshi.

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