Sotsugyou III episode 7

Title Sotsugyou III episode 7
Aired 1998.03.09
Main Kazue (Nehashi Mieko)

Watanabe Kazue was an "ordinary" high school student.. but she was secretly married to her teacher.

When school ended, the girls were planning on going out, but Kazue said that she had to go home. After Kazue left, the other girls were saying that Kazue went home early a lot recently. They suspected her of having a boy friend. They were going to check out her boy friend to see if he was good enough for her.

The principal called the teacher to his office. He said that he saw Kazue going home alone a lot recently. He accused the teacher of forcing her to stay home. But the teacher said that it was because Kazue wasn't good at doing housework. Then the principal ordered the teacher to go home and help out. This was all to protect the secret, to protect himself..

When Kazue was doing the housework, the doorbell rang. She thought it was the newspaper people, but it was actually her friends!

Kazue's friends wondered why she was living alone. She said that it was so that she can concentrate on her studies. Then Nozomi noticed that she had a lot of kitchen goods, for living alone. Some of it was even men's things..

Then the doorbell rang again.. The other girls told Yukari to go answer the door, so she can go scare away the peddlers.

When Yukari opened the door, the teacher said, "I'm home."

Everyone was shocked to see the teacher!

[Sotsugyou III radio drama]

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