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  • Sotsugyou III episode 8

    The drama was Sotsugyou III episode 8.

    Kazue's friends were at her house. Then the teacher came home..

    Nozomi: Why did you know where Kazue lived?
    Teacher: It's the duty of the teacher to know about his students..
    Kyoko: Then why did you come?
    Teacher: Since it's dangerous to live alone, I came to see how she was doing.
    Kyoko: This isn't the first time you came here..
    Yukari: Yeah, judging by the way you act..
    Teacher/Kazue: Yeah..
    Nozomi: I live alone too, but the teacher never came to see me..
    Yukari: You're being biased towards her.

    Kyoko said that they must be going out.

    Kazue and the teacher tried to deny it. The girls even thought that they were married.

    Then the teacher said that he couldn't hide it any more. He "confessed" that he was tutoring Kazue the previous year, when he was still a college student. He said that Kazue's parents asked him to look over Kazue, so that's why he kept coming over to her house.

    The girls asked why Kazue had the dishes and such for him, and he said that there were times when she cooked for him..

    Then the teacher got embarrassed and ran off.

    Kyoko said that there couldn't be anything going on between Kazue and the teacher, because of the way the teacher turned all red.

    [Sotsugyou III radio drama]

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