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  • Sotsugyou III episode 1

    Ozaki Kyoko recently got married to her teacher.

    The teacher ran off to work in a hurry, and he forgot his lunch. So Kyoko had to take his lunch with her.

    On the way to school, Nozomi came and noticed that Kyoko's bag was bigger than usual.. (Nozomi is very polite, very slow, very boke boke.) Then Kazue and Misaki also came. Yukari was sick that day. They all rushed to school as they were running late.

    During school, Kyoko was thinking about how she can give the lunch to her husband.

    It was lunch time, but Kyoko couldn't hand the lunch to the teacher yet. Then she went off. Nozomi noticed that Kyoko was carrying a lunch box. Misaki (?) thought it was suspicious, and thought that Kyoko must have brought the lunch for a boy friend. So the three girls went after Kyoko.

    Kyoko went to the teacher's office. But there were too many other teachers and she couldn't go inside. Then the principal came.

    The other girls were sneaking around looking for Kyoko.

    [Sotsugyou III radio drama]

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