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  • Sotsugyou III episode 2

    Kyoko was outside of the teacher's office with the lunch for her husband. The principal had spotted her, and was with her. Just then, Kyoko's husband came out of the office.

    Kyoko handed the lunch to the teacher, and the principal warned them and told them to be more careful. The principal knew about the teacher and Kyoko's marriage. But he didn't want Kyoko to know that he knew.

    After school, Misaki, Nozomi, and Kazue came to Kyoko and asked her about the lunch. They had seen Kyoko handing the lunch to the teacher.

    Kyoko and the teacher talked among themselves, and decided that it would be best to tell them the truth and ask them to be quiet about it. So Kyoko and the teacher said that Kyoko was married. But the girls laughed. They said they had seen Kyoko giving the lunch to the principal, so they thought it was a joke.

    So Kyoko and the teacher were very relieved.

    [Sotsugyou III radio drama]

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