Sotsugyou III episode 3

Title Sotsugyou III episode 3
Aired 1998.02.09
Main Misaki (Takahashi Chiaki)

In this story, Matsuyama Misaki was secretly married to the teacher.

After school, the girls were doing the cleaning. Someone had to take out the garbage, and Misaki volunteered.

Misaki went to burn the garbage, and was waiting for the teacher. Then the teacher appeared, and Misaki called him, "darling". The teacher warned her, but Misaki said that there was nobody around.

Misaki said that she had been waiting for him, but the teacher said that he just came to toss out the garbage. Then Misaki said that she had left a note inside his book during class, but the teacher said that he didn't see any note. Then the teacher began to worry about the note.

Soon, the other girls showed up, so the teacher rushed away. The girls asked Misaki what she was talking about with the teacher, but she wouldn't say. Kazue then said that she must be keeping some secret, like the teacher asking her to go out with him.

Meanwhile the teacher was looking around for the note.

The girls had to go back into the school to return the garbage can. Then Nozomi spotted an envelope by the stairs. Misaki recognized it as the letter that she gave the teacher.

The girls wondered if it was a love letter. Then Kyoko started opening the letter..

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