Sotsugyou III episode 4

Title Sotsugyou III episode 4
Aired 1998.02.16
Main Misaki (Takahashi Chiaki)

The girls were standing in the school holding Misaki's letter to her husband.

Kyoko was going to open the letter, but Misaki grabbed it, saying she would take care of it. But all the other girls asked if the letter was hers. Misaki denied it, and then Kyoko grabbed the letter back and opened it.

But then the teacher came and said that he would take care of the letter. Misaki almost called the teacher, "darling" and the teacher almost called Misaki, "Misaki". But they tried to cover it up, and the other girls got suspicious.

The teacher told the girls to go home, so Misaki and the others left.

Later that night, Misaki was cooking, and she tried to make something to make up for what happened during the day. But when the teacher got home, he scolded Misaki.

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