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  • Sotsugyou III episode 9

    Kikuchi Nozomi was secretly married to her teacher.

    In the morning, Nozomi was seeing the teacher off to work. He told Nozomi to hurry up and not be late for school.

    During school, the teacher asked a question to Nozomi. But Nozomi didn't know the answer, and the teacher scolded her. (Nozomi had been late for school too.)

    All of Nozomi's friends said that the teacher was too strict on Nozomi, but Nozomi said that it was her fault.

    Later the principal talked to the teacher and said that he was a little too strict on Nozomi. But the teacher said that he was doing what he would do to the other students.

    Nozomi and her friends were walking from school. Nozomi said that she felt like someone was always watching her. Kyoko said that it might be a stalker, so her friends all tried to spot the stalker.

    Then they all caught the "stalker" in the bushes, and was surprised. It was the principal. They all said that the principal must like Nozomi. Then Nozomi said that she was happy, but since she has a husband, she can't go out with him.

    The principal and Nozomi's friends were shocked!

    [Sotsugyou III radio drama]

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