Sotsugyou III episode 10

Title Sotsugyou III episode 10
Aired 1998.03.30
Main Nozomi (Nakayama Manami)

Kikuchi Nozomi thought that the principal proposed to her. So she refused him, saying that she was already married..

Everyone was standing around shocked, and then the teacher came. The girls all explained that the principal was spying on Nozomi. They also said that Nozomi confessed that she was married.

Nozomi said that it was because the principal proposed to her. But the principal said that he wasn't perverted enough to try to hit on one of his students. He also added that one would have to be a lolicon to like Nozomi, who looks so young..

Then the principal ran off, leaving the situation to the teacher.

The teacher tried to say that Nozomi must have told a lie to try to refuse the principal, but Nozomi said that she doesn't lie. Nozomi said that she was excited, as she recalled the proposal from her husband. (Nozomi kept calling the teacher "dear husband", instead of "teacher".)

But Nozomi finally agreed that she just said it to refuse the principal, and all of her friends bought it.

Later, Nozomi asked if her husband was a lolicon, and the teacher fainted.

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