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  • Sotsugyou III episode 5

    Saitou Yukari was a high school student, but that wasn't her real name, as she was now happily married. But there was one thing that she's not satisfied with.. as she couldn't let anyone know about her marriage to her teacher.

    Yukari was washing dishes in morning. The teacher ran off to school, telling Yukari not to be late.

    At school, the teacher was taking roll. He got to "Saitou" (Yukari), but there was no answer. Just then, Yukari came running into the classroom.

    Yukari went up to the teacher and said, "I made it in time, didn't I 'anata'?"
    The teacher replied, "I told you not to be late!"

    Then Misaki asked the teacher why he said "I told you" and when he said it to Yukari. Nozomi also said that she heard it. But the teacher and Yukari said that they didn't hear anything.

    Then Kazue and Kyoko said that they heard Yukari saying "anata" to the teacher. Yukari said that she didn't, but the teacher said that she shouldn't call her teacher that. He told Yukari to go out into the hall for punishment. Then they both went out into the hall.

    Misaki and Kyoko both thought that there was something going on between Yukari and the teacher. But then they heard the teacher shouting at Yukari.

    Nozomi wanted to take a look, but Kyoko was holding the door closed. Then Nozomi forced the door open, and the girls saw Yukari fixing the teacher's tie!

    [Sotsugyou III radio drama]

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