Time Leap episode 1

Title Time Leap episode 1
Aired 1996.09.21

The main characters were Wakamatsu Kazuhiko (Ogata Megumi) and Kashima Shouka (Hisakawa Aya), narration by Hayami Sho. Seki Takashi (Ishikawa Hideo) didn't appear in the first episode, and Mizumori Yuko (Nagashima Yuko) only had about one line.

A high school girl who had a "dream" woke up and fell down the stairs as she rushed to school. When she got to school, she found out that it was Tuesday, even though she thought it was Monday. Then when she got home, she tried to confirm what day it was. She looked in her diary, and there was an entry for Monday! It was a letter from herself, to herself, saying that she will find out what is going on later, and that Kazuhiko would have some answers.

[Time Leap radio drama]

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