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  • Time Leap episode 3

    Aired: 1996.10.05

    Shouka fell down the stairs, but when she recovered, she was in the school yard with Wakamatsu. She asked him what day it was, and he told her that it was Wednesday. Time had gone backwards, as Shouka had fallen down on Thursday.

    Wakamatsu took Shouka to the nurse's office, and Wakamatsu was going to go, but Shouka held onto him and asked him to stay. Then Shouka told Wakamatsu about everything that had happened to her in the last few days. But Wakamatsu said that he didn't believe in time travel. Shouka asked if he would believe her if she could predict what will happen the next day. Wakamatsu said that he would, so Shouka told him about the math test scores that would be returned on Thursday.

    Then Wakamatsu wondered about what would happen if Shouka kept going until the next day. Wouldn't she run into the Shouka that already time leaped?

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