Time Leap episode 4

Title Time Leap episode 4
Aired 1996.10.12

When Shouka woke up, it was Friday. Shouka's mother said that Shouka had brought Wakamatsu home the previous night.

When Shouka went out to go to school, Wakamatsu was there. He said that he would try to stay as close to Shouka as possible to try to find out more about her time leap.

Instead of going to school, Wakamatsu and Shouka went to a shack to study, since Shouka will have to go back to Monday to take the math test. Shouka got a 100, so she had to study now to make sure that it will become true.

Later that night, on the way home, it was dark and a mysterious car headed for Shouka. Just as the car was going to hit Shouka, Shouka time leaped again, to Thursday where Wakamatsu was waiting for her.

Then Shouka told Wakamatsu about what she experienced on Friday.

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