Time Leap episode 5

Title Time Leap episode 5
Aired 1996.10.19

It was Thursday afternoon, and Shouka's parents were worried about Shouka. (Shouka wasn't feeling very well in the morning, which was actually a while ago for her.)

Shouka had brought Wakamatsu home with her. Wakamatsu read Shouka's diary to see if he can find out more about the time leaps. He also asked Shouka to repeat her story to him.

Wakamatsu drew out Shouka's recent activities, and found out that she wasn't time traveling. Shouka wasn't repeating her past. Her body wasn't going back or forward in time. It was just inside Shouka's brain that she was moving around. It was a time leap instead of time travel.

Wakamatsu told Shouka that she shouldn't change the past (which would actually be her future). Shouka asked Wakamatsu about what she had done, but Wakamatsu didn't tell her. He said that Shouka would probably act in the way that she did. Shouka insisted, but Wakamatsu said that if he told her, her actions might be different because of her prior knowledge.

Then Wakamatsu told Shouka that she would have to act out her Monday as he had remembered, i.e. getting a perfect score on the math exam, and writing that entry in her diary.

Wakamatsu asked Shouka to sit down on her chair and lean back. Then he told Shouka to look at his notebook to see if she can find a pattern to her time leaps. She noticed that it was usually when she was scared or sleeping.

Then Wakamatsu knocked Shouka's chair over.

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