Time Leap episode 6

Title Time Leap episode 6
Aired 1996.11.02

Shouka woke up with a bump on her head. It was Monday morning. Shouka realized that Wakamatsu had caused her to time leap on purpose.

Shouka went to school and took the math test. After the math test, Shouka realized that Wakamatsu had made a mistake on Thursday. He was supposed to let Shouka fall from the stairs, instead of catching her.

Later Shouka went up the stairs and fell on purpose in front of Wakamatsu.

When Shouka came to, she was back in her room on Thursday. Wakamatsu had caught Shouka's chair. He asked her when she had come from, and Shouka told him Monday.

Shouka told Wakamatsu of his mistake. He said that he would have to think about it.

Wakamatsu told Shouka to tell him everything that happened. When Shouka told him about falling on purpose to get back, he said that she should have gone through her whole Monday as usual. If there is still a gap in her schedule, Shouka's time leap will keep continuing.

Wakamatsu had Shouka tell him about what happened on Sunday, as that must have caused the bump on her head. Shouka had gone to buy a CD, but Shouka couldn't remember what had happened on the way home. Wakamatsu guessed that something scary must have happened. He also said that there were too many scary things happening to her for it to be just a coincidence. He thought that someone might be after Shouka.

When Shouka went to sleep that evening, she prayed to herself to go to Friday.

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