Kamiya Akira and Yamazaki Takumi

Kamiya Akira and Yamazaki Takumi

Anime Expo 2001
2001.07.05 to 2001.07.07
report by Derrick Seeto

Takumi Yamazaki and Akira Kamiya were back for Anime Expo 2001. They weren't guests of honor like Fukami Rica last year, or Inoue Kikuko this year. Aside form live dubbing to a clip of "Galaxy Angel" with Kawakami Tomoko and Inoue Kikuko, they held a series of panels this year with some student seiyuu from Japan.

The panels would be done either with clips from "Galaxy Angel" or "Vandread". First the student seiyuu and the two main seiyuu demonstrated how the dubbing would go. Then english scripts were passed out and volunteers from the audience were chosen. We had to play Jan Ken Pon with everyone else in the room. (We lost each time.) We'd play off until the appropriate number of male & female amatuer actors were selected. They'd give the scene go, and then have Kamiya or Yamazaki coach them on how the act could improve.

The student seiyuu also performed for a brief training anime that was cheaply made and used for practice. It was titled "Want to Catch". It was made by student animators from Studio Gonzo. the premise was 3 superpowered humans (2 boys and a girl) tried to chase a cute mouse-like crature. 2 girls and 2 boys did the voices.

They did several panels this year. Last year, they did only one of these events with Fukami Rica and some Macross Plus clips as well as another training video.

What puzzles me is why wasn't Kamiya-san a guest of honor again in 2000 or 2001.

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