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  • CC Sakura Movie

    Card Captor Sakura movie talk
    Shinjuku Picadilly
    Hisakawa Aya
    Kumai Motoko
    Touma Yumi
    • Event report by Stephen Lee, 2000.07.15

    Just came back from the Card Captor Sakura movie.

    It was not too crowded, there was no line when I arrived an hour before. I think they stopped letting people in at a point. All seats were taken, so I have to stand at the back the whole time. I think there were about 60 people standing and 600 people total for the first showing.

    No picture, video or audio recording allowed. They checked our bags before letting us in.

    "Kero-chan ni omakase!" was shown before the movie. I thought it would be after, like the TV, but come to think of it, this makes more sense. It was pretty funny and I can tell most of us in the theatre had a good time watching it.

    The movie itself had the same feel as a long TV episode. That is to say, it wouldn't change your opinion towards this series. If you liked the TV series I think you'll like this also. It was over before I realised it. I am not exactly sure whether that is good or bad. I wouldn't mind watching it again but I don't think I'll stand up for the whole movie one more time...

    久川 綾、くまいもとこ、冬馬由美、浅香守生監督

    Aya-san, Kumai Motoko, Toma Yumi, Asaka-Kantoku all showed up afterwards greeting the fans. Kigurumi of Sakura, Tomoyo and Li-kun also. Tange Sakura didn't but sent a voice message.

    Aya said she is happy to be the main character in the Movie-version of "Kero-chan ni omakase!". Yumi said she is, too, to be the main sub character.

    I am surprised that Aya's normal voice is so different (so label me naive). In contrast Kumai Motoko's voice is exactly Li-kun's, and I don't think she tried to make it like that.

    Episode 1:
    Narrator: Let's greet the VA of kero-chan, Toma Yumi.
    Fans: Huh?
    Narrator: Oops... I am sorry. Let's greet Ms. Hisakawa Aya.

    Episode 2:
    Aya: (normal voice) Ohayogozaimasu.
    Fans: (quietly) Ohayogozaimasu.
    Aya: ... (Kero-voice) Konnyunyuchiwa!
    Fans: (loudly) Konnyunyuchiwa!

    Episode 3:
    Aya: I'm glad that you are so enthusiatic about the movie. I heard some of you lined up Friday. (One of the fan said something) _Last_ Friday? How did you manage that? How do you go to the toliet? How do you eat? .. Did you bathe? (...silence...) Oops, I guess that is 1 question that I shouldn't have asked.

    Episode 4:
    Narrator: Please give the fans a message.
    Aya: Does it have to be a message?
    Narrator: Err, no, you can say anything you like.

    Episode 4.1:
    Narrator: Please give the fans a message.
    Aya: [...Other stuff...] And please come back and watch this movie again, two times, three times.
    Kumai Motoko: [...Other stuff...] And yes, come back and watch it twice. No, make it 20 times or more.
    Toma Yumi: [...Talks about Tange-san's message...] Try watching the movie 200 times!
    Asaka: I'm not going to escalate this...

    Episode 5:
    Narrator: Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans that you can only say now?
    (slight spoiler)
    Aya: Not exactly like that, but as some of you can guess, during Afu-record (Dubbing?) we had takoyaki for snack (sasi-ire).
    Kumai Motoko: There is a line in the script that I had lots of trouble to pronounce [...] Please try saying it.
    Fans: (Mumble)
    Kumai Motoko: Ah, I feel better now.
    Yumi: There will be a CD-single. (to Aya) When will it be on sale?
    Aya: the 12th this month.
    Fans: (Wave CD-single bought at theatre)
    Yumi: Oh, it went on sale on the 12th. Anyway, it wasn't a secret or anything, but I'd just like to mention that we recorded the talk track ad-lib. Please buy it.
    Fans: (Wave CD-single bought at theatre again)

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