Comic Gao Anime Matsuri in Tokyo

Comic Gao Anime Matsuri
Toshima Koukaidou (Ikeburuko)
14:30 - 17:00
free (need ticket)
Mitsuishi Kotono (»°ΐΠΆΧΗ΅)
Nakama Yukie
  • Summary by Kenny Toh, 1997.08.29

This is a report on the Comic Goa event held in Ikebukuro on Aug 10th, 1997. I was in Tokyo on a business trip, and was fortunate enough to get a ticket to this event (thank you, Hitoshi!). As my primary focus was on Kotono, this event report is very skewed... ^_^;;;

The event itself was essentially an advertisement by Comics Goa for 3 anime titles:

  • Elf o karu monotachi
  • Eatman
  • Haunted Junction

During the event, they showed one 1/2 episode from each of the titles above, and asked the fans (~1000 otaku selected by mail-lottery) to buy these titles. The Animate stand set up outside the theater had very good business...

Several seiyuu were in attendance during the event, but of course, the only one who mattered was Mitsuishi Kotono. (^_^;) There were also some directors and probably also the manga writers; all the guests including directors and seiyuu were connected to one of the 3 anime listed above. Also in attendance was Nakama Yukie who is a young seiyuu (17yrs?) who is also an idol (she even has a regular bikini picture book!)

The event started with a brief interview session with each of the guests. Kotono was wearing a stunning red one-piece dress, which was knee length. She looked very pretty and elegant, and also seemed to be very genki as always. During the event, Kotono constantly joked around with her co-seiyuus, especially with the main male seiyuu from "Elf o karu monotachi" (don't know his name), and even hit him on the head a couple of times when he said something ecchi!

Unfortunately, I did not catch much of the conversations on the stage, perhaps because I was so shocked at seeing Kotono that my Japanese language module crashed and remained out of commission for the full length of the event! (^_^;;) Oh, I should mention also that I was seated about 100 feet away from the stage, so I couldn't see Kotono very clearly (;_;). Should have brought binoculars along! (;_;)

Anyway, during the interviews, Kotono was asked (I think) why she was only getting bit-parts for all these anime, and she replied that it couldn't be helped and please give me your support. At least, that's what I think she said.... (^_^;;;) But as I said, my brain was concentrating on the movement of her lips, and the musical sound of her voice...

After the interview session, they showed ep2 from "Elf o karu monotachi" (Kotono turns into Mokona from Rayearth!), followed by an episode of Eatman (zzzz, though I found out from the credits that Aya was playing the guest female character). There was another brief interview session, then a showing of "Haunted Junction", which I found terribly boring (since Kotono only had a bit part as one of the parents of one of the main characters ^_^;;).

Then, Nakama-san came out, and sang 2 songs (from Haunted Junction, I think), and was applauded enthusiastically by the crowd. I thought Nakama-san did a pretty good job, but I was somewhat disappointed that Kotono did not sing any songs (;_;)

Then all the guests trooped out again to say good bye, and then the event ended.

All in all, this event was somewhat disappointing, but it did give me a chance to sample some new anime, and also gave me a chance to see Kotono for the very first time! I know now that Kotono is as genki as she is in the Sailor Moon omake interviews/events, and perhaps more important, that Kotono looks really good in red! ^_^;;

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