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  • Girls Be Graduation Concert in Osaka

    Girls Be Graduation Concert
    Coke Step Hall (Osaka)
    17:30 - 19:20
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Kuwashima Houko (ˡ)
    4500 yen
    • Event report version 0.5 by Joe Petrow, 1998.01.03
      (based on Kawasaki concert report by Hitoshi Doi)

    This was the first of two concerts by Girls Be, marking the end of their year-long partnership. Coke Step Hall was on the fourth floor of a large shopping mall. Goods being sold at this concert included programs, phone cards, and mouse pads, as well as their previously released CDs and posters. The concert venue was all standing, and with number 333, I was in around the 9th row of people in the center. But the stage was also set back about 10 feet from the crowd (it was not like this at Club Citta). Given my placement, and the depth of the crowd (it seemed to be completely full), it seemed like there were over 800 people in the crowd. For unexplained reasons, the show started a half hour after the scheduled start time.

    The setlist was the same as for the Kawasaki concert one week later:

    • French Daisakusen no Opening Theme
    • Zettai Dame yo!
    • Aisatsu I (with different opening talk)
    • Girls Be
    • Seifuku
    • Koneko to Ojiisan
    • Who Are You?
    • Akabana no Tonakai (Japanese "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer")
    • Cecil no Yakusoku
    • Mayonaka ni Oideyo
    • Kimi to Kiss Shitai
    • Hidoi Boku Dakedo
    • Shikkari Shiteyo
    • [encore] Kiyoshi Konoyoru (Japanese "Silent Night")
    • [encore] Akarui
    • [double encore] Girls Be

    The French Daisakusen no Opening Theme had a "skit" with some bad guys running around, and Machiko and Houko chasing them (or maybe they were being chased) They seemed to time this better than for Kawasaki. They seemed to perform "Seifuku" a little cleaner as well (perhaps they were less nervous performing in Osaka?)

    The Christmas drama was virtually identical to the one in Kawasaki, except that this was dated December 14th.

    Because the Girls Be radio show ran in Osaka, they talked a little more about the show and their "characters" (Houko as "Tsukrikawa-kun", Machiko as "Nakazumi-chan") during the skit at Machiko's house than they did in Kawasaki. Machiko gave Houko a birthday present of some very colorful pajamas, that Houko would eventually wear during the house skit in Kawasaki.

    During the teddy bear drama (where they complained that Machiko's house was cold, as opposed to when they complained it was too hot in Kawasaki) Houko as Tsurikawa-kun said, "I'm not sure exactly when we turned into bears, but..."

    During the encore talk before Akarui, the talk was still serious, but a lot less sad than in Kawasaki, because in the words of one fan, "There's still one more! [show]" Houko was close to crying, but nothing like how she ended up a week later.

    Though coming out for a double encore was initially a surprise, the fact that they had two huge balloons sent into the crowd led me to believe it wasn't entirely spontaneous. The balloons never really made it to the back, as the fans keeping throwing it back to the girls on stage. After they left the stage, the song Girls Be ended very abruptly, and after a few seconds of cheering was followed by a sort of music box version of Girls Be, and the announcement that the show was over.

    The crowds buying goods after the show was one of the worst I have ever seen. While it never got violent, there was a lot of pushing and shoving by a lot of people, and it was just as difficult to get out of line as it was to get in it.

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