Hekiru at Osaka 1998.09.09

Shiina Hekiru concert in Osaka
Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
  • event report by Ivevei Upatkoon, 1998.09.11

This concert was the first of the "tsuika kouen" (additional performance). Some changes were made to the song lineup and other aspects of the concert.

"246" was taken out and "Distance" was inserted, and the order of the songs was changed slightly, but it was less than I had expected. However, personally I was very happy with the change. I love "246" but I just don't get into it at concerts, and I really wanted to sing "Distance". "Kiss ga Tarinai" would have been my first choice, but that's old and really idolish. We might never hear it again. ;_;

Also, the name of the 3rd new song was displayed on the screen, finally.

The new song list is:

  1. Dakishimete
  2. Todoketai Omoi
  3. Jun
  4. Sore tte ii ne
    [take off coat]
  5. Kizuite
  6. Just My Love
  7. Sora o Akiramenai
  8. Distance
  9. Super Girls Funky No.1
    [costume change, band MC]
  10. Yuugure no Jogging (Acoustic Version)
  11. Anata no Namae
    [put on coat]
  12. Fly Away
  13. Rolling Stone
  14. Kono Yo de Ichiban Taisetsu na Mono
    [costume change, "Heki-chan no Kyou mo Ee-zo!"]
  15. Kimete Misete yo Get Back!
  16. Shoujo Bakudan
  17. Kuusou Metro
  18. Me o Samase, Otoko Nara
  19. Graduater
  20. Infinity
    [Staff credits roll, Encore]
  21. Kaze ga Fuku Oka
  22. Dakishimete (encore)
  23. Go Wake Up!!
In addition, there was smoke during Sora o Akiramenai, and fireworks during Graduater. There was no tape, but there was gold tape (instead of the usual silver that they used to have at previous tours) at Sapporo. So the stage has become fancier. I kinda liked how it was nice and simple before...

Heki-chan definitely had a cold, and a bad one. Her voice was really weird, and during the MCs you could barely make out her words because her nose was stuffed up and running too! :o She was not very genki at the beginning and I was worried, but the audience did it's best and it turned out quite well at the end. She thanked everyone for their support. "Kyou ha, saikou na no ha, anatatachi da!" She didn't make any excuses at all. I was very impressed by her professionality.

Personally I enjoyed ths concert tremendously. I went with 4 friends and we had seats together. It was the very last row in front of the PA system, and the row was empty save for us and 2 others. It was not a full concert... I judged the second floor was pretty empty, and the back rows were not full. But for me, those seats were awesome. We spread out and jumped and danced to our hearts delight. Plus, I had a clear view all the way to the stage because the floor sloped quite steeply at the end.

I'd take those kinds of seat over the cramped 9th row ones I had at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, anyday.

All in all, a great fun time. But I only got about 3 hours sleep going, and 1 hour's sleep coming back, and had to work that day. But going by car is definitely the most fun and cheap, if you can get a bunch of friends together and you don't mind sleep deprivation.

Next: Morioka! 6 concerts left!

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