Hekiru at Best Denki Hiroshima

Shiina Hekiru at Best Denki Hiroshima
15:15 - 15:45
Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
  • event report by Ivevei Upatkoon, 1998.11.09
On 11/8/98 there was a talk event with Shiina Hekiru at Best Denki in Hiroshima. The event was scheduled for 3pm but started at 3:15 and ended at 3:45.

The event was announced in Best Denki flyers, the fanclub newsletter, and by Hekiru on her radio show. Over 400 people showed up for it. About 70 people lined up overnight for the event.

At first Best Denki wanted to hold the event in the hall on the 7th floor, but apparently Sony would not give permission so they ended holding it in the CD store on the first floor. They also said that tetsuya and lining up were not allowed, and were not going to give out numbered tickets. After we explained that all hell was going to break loose if they didn't do something, they finally gave permission to line up overnight.

Surprisingly they managed to fit everyone in by completely clearing all regular customers out of the store and filling in all parts. But many people could not see. I was the first person to arrive since I took the night bus on Friday (event being on Sunday), but was about 20 in line since I went to eat okonomiyaki. ^^;;;

They let people in at 2pm, 10 at a time. I was in the second row, about 3 feet from the stage. They played Hekiru's new single "Kono Yo De Ichiban Taisetsu na Mono" while we waited. Then at 3:15 they played a video "History of Shiina Hekiru in Video Clips" with video clips of all her single videos, including the unreleased "Lucky Day" music video of her second single.

Then Hekiru appeared. The crowd was chanting "Hekiru! Hekiru!" _really_ loud. Hekiru wore a blue jean jacket buttoned up, a brown skirt and a brown woolen hat held by hairpins. Kawaii! *^_^*

The MC was a woman from the store who asked about Hekiru's new single. Hekiru had just finished filming the music video for it 5 days ago, and it hasn't been edited yet. It was filmed in Shibuya and Harajuku and it was directed by the person who directed Aikawa Nanase's music video (Tutumi?). It was filmed in 2 days and Hekiru only had one hour's sleep in between.

Then the MC said that Hekiru's new album was coming out but the title was a secret. But then Hekiru pointed to a promotion poster of her concert tour and said, "But it's written right there!" The MC was really embarrassed. The MC said it was coming out on 1/21, and Hekiru said, "It is?" Apparently sincerely surprised too.

Then she asked about Hekiru's plans for next year, meaning Hekiru's concert tour, but Hekiru was very spaced out and didn't realize what she meant. Then she apologized for not paying attention. She said that this time it would be a harder sound.

Then the MC asked the last question. "What is the most important thing in the world to you?" Hekiru said that now that she was doing what she wanted, work made her very happy. Also, everyone supported her, and her fans also want to see her put out more songs, so basically what she is doing right now is the most important thing to her.

Then the event ended. But she said that she would be back in Hiroshima on 12/4 to promote her single.

The time and place was not announced but it will be at DeoDeo Hiroshima 7F, 17:00-16:55. It's a Friday so I still haven't decided if I will go.)

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