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  • IWAO JUNKO X'mas Glory Holy Holy Night

    Event IWAO JUNKO X'mas Glory Holy Holy Night
    Location Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan (Shinjuku)
    Date 2001.12.23
    Time 18:00 - 20:00
    GuestIwao Junko
    Price 4800 Yen
    • Event report by Sebastien Jarry, 2001.12.25

    I arrived at around 4:45 in front of the TKNK. There's many otakus here. My ticket place was at the 2nd floor, and a 2nd floor's queue was create. I waiting around 40 minutes before starting to entered on the hall.

    It was a real concert, not playback, with a orechestra of 5 musicians. (the keyboarder could play also the drums, the player of mumbo could playing also flute and trombone) and a man for bass, a violonist, a guitar/electric guitar player.

    Junko Iwao appeared on a beautiful white dress. Very beautiful.

    Because I don't have one of her albums yet, I can't write the title of the songs she sung, but she sung also some traditional Christmas songs (Jingle Bells...).

    95% of songs are sweet, beautiful and relaxing songs. I appreciate that. She sungs around 20 titles. Sometimes, she talked to the audiences, with sweet jokes (^_^)... At "Encore", she sungs only Christmas songs, at the last, a rain of confettis falled on Junko.

    So, after 2 hours of concert, I start to go out and begun to going down the stairs, but there's too many people on the 1st floor who's go out on the same time, so I stopped to going down. 4 old persons from 2nd floor started to going down but, as me, stopped because there's too many people. I started to talk with them (in Japanese) :

    Me ; "Too many people. I stay here a moment.
    A woman ; we too
    Me ; I think I'm the unique strenger of all.
    the woman : Yes ! We think so
    Me ; I'm from France.
    the woman : What ? From France ?
    Me ; Yes. I'm a great fan about seiyuus in France. I know Junko Iwao since 1996. I'm in Japan for 3 weeks, for going to seiyuus events.
    the woman : Oh !!! Did you going to Japan for going to Junko Iwao's concert ?
    Me ; Yes.
    the woman : Whoa ! Incredible ! (and, by pointing out an another woman) : do you know what that woman is the mother of Junko Iwao
    Me ; ......... What ? the mother of Junko Iwao ???
    the 2nd woman : Yes. I'm Iwao Xxxxx" (forgot her first name, sorry).

    At this moment, a big emotion seizes me. I had difficult to continue the conversation. The mother of Junko introduce me to the young brother of Junko and her friends, the parents of the keyboarder. I told to the mother what I sent last year a new year card to Junko, and what she responded me 20 days later.

    The mother of Junko dediced I follow her to introduce to Junko herself !!! The staff couldn't refuse that, but there was totally embarrasing. So the mother of Junko didn't insist. She asked me to give her my adress and my e-mail. After, she said what she talk about me personnaly to Junko and said me what Junko will write me.

    After that, the crown had finish to go out, so, I said to all good-bye and go out.

    What an incredible journey !!!!

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