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  • Ninki Say You Special Stage

    Ninki Say You Special Stage
    Kamakura Cinema World
    12:00 - 12:30
    14:00 - 14:30
    Hisakawa Aya ()
    Tomizawa Michie (ҷ)
    Shocker Ohno
    1800 yen
    • Event report by Richard Kim, 1997.07.10

    1st EVENT

    After a short (compared to Joe's trip to Osaka) train ride to Kamakura, I finally arrived at Kamakura Cinema World to wait for the event to begin. (I arrived at 11:05am)

    Getting into line, I was probably #115 or so (there didn't seem to be that many people there this time).

    Looking around before the staff let us into the hall where the event was going to be held, I noticed (and greeted) the usual Aya MLers, as well as noticing Joe's little friend, the 'Cosplay Girl'. (dressed in an angel outfit)

    Once the staff let the crowd into the hall, it was a mad dash for the 'good seats' (whereever they might be). Once I got settled in, I noticed that the stage was done up in an Edo Period style, with an old shopfront and such facing the audience.

    Once the event began, Shocker Ohno came out onto the stage dressed in a black and grey samurai kimono, complete with katana.

    After a short intoduction monologue, Aya and Michie came onto stage, dressed up like 'machi no musumetachi' (city girls?). (Aya wore a yellow kimono with a blue and red crosshatching, red trim on the sleeves and neck, and a purple and blue obi; Michie wore a blue and red (in a flower pattern) kimono with white trim and a black and red obi; both of them had their hair up in the traditional 'Edo-jidai' style)

    After a quick bit of dialog, Shocker Ohno attacked the girls, and Michie defeated him easily, with Aya flicking him in the fore head at the end. 'Ei!'

    Afterwards, they began to discuss which movies they liked the best (Aya's mike didn't work at first); Michie's is the Tora-san series. Aya likes 'Backdraft'.

    Next they gave away signed CDs (from the movies they seiyuu liked) to 4 people, choosing via jan-ken-pon ( chokki-no-kamisama failed me again).

    Finally, they sang 'Moonlight Densetsu', mangaing to dance in the kimonos.

    Final messages were as follows: Michie asked that everyone please come to the Sakura Tasien musical (I will be); Aya said that her new 'P-suke' book would be delayed until 9/20. (;_;)

    2nd EVENT

    The set this time was a plain looking living room set, with three black chairs and a small coffee table in the center.

    Shocker Ohno came onto stage dressed as Tora-san, carrying the actual case they used in the movies.

    He called 'Sakura' on stage, and Aya came out, dressed in a white 'PY' t-shirt and blue pants, red platform sneakers, and her hair in a ponytail.

    Ohno asked 'Are you really Sakura?', to which Aya replied, 'Yes, I'm Tange Sakura' in Tange Sakura's voice.

    Then she calld her 'sempai' onto the stage, and Michie came out. Michie introduced herself as 'Sakura's sempai, Kanzaki Sumire ( a Sakura Taisen joke)'. (Michie was wearing a blue shirt (reverse of Aya's), white pants, and black shoes; her hair was also in a ponytail.

    They then introduced themselves as 'Buffy'.

    A staff person brought out some juice for all three of them as they sat, and Michie tried it, asking 'is this pineapple juice?' to which Ohno and Aya answered, 'It's orange juice, right?'.

    Then they had the 'roll-a-die and talk about the topic' corner: The topics were:

    1- Koi (koibaba)
    2- Hazukashii (hazubana)
    3- Mukashii (mukabana)
    4- Kowai (kowabana)
    5- Hatsutaiken (hatsubana)
    6- Himitsu (HI-MI-TSU)

    Aya went first and rolled a '4' - Kowabana.

    She talked aboutabout something that happened back when she was litle, nd chickens. (I didn't catch a lot of it)

    Then Michie rolled a '5' - hatsubana.

    She talked about her first dubbing job (for a foreign movie). She had to do the voice of a woman about to give brith, moaning and breathing for 5 minutes straight.

    Aya rolled again, and got a '2' - hazubana.

    She talked about something tht happened that involves Shiny Night (her radio show), Tomokazu Seki, her director, Agawa, and her being naked. (it didn't make that much sense... need to listen to the MD again)

    Michie also rolled a '2' - hazubana, PART II!!

    She discussed when she was young and how she got lost, went to look for her father, found some one that looked like her father and then, realizing that it wasn't him, went off again. She also talked about how she was on a crowded train, and the train lurched and she ended up kissing a man's white shirt.

    Finally, 'Buffy' sang the new Puffy song (Matsuwaru Etcetera) and the Sailor Moon song 'Moonlight Densetsu'.

    After the songs, both Aya and Michie mentioned that they hadn't sung 'Moonlight Densetsu' for a while, not since Sailor Moon. Then Shocker Tora asked them to say the henshini (transformation) phrases. After a bit of being embarrassed by the request, and asking the guys in the booth to turn on the echo on her mike, Michie said the phrase for Sailor Mars. Then Aya did hers, and both of them recieved alot of applause.

    The ending messages were pretty much the same as the first event, and the audience applauded alot as the left the stage, leaving only Shocker Ohno to say 'Abayo'.

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