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  • Inoue Kikuko @manbow Festival 2

    Inoue Kikuko @manbow Festival 2
    Yakult Hall, Shinbashi, Tokyo
    14:00-16:00 (afternoon session)
    17:30-19:30 (evening session, @manbow member only)
    Yamazaki Takumi (MC)
    3500 yen
    • Event report version 0.7 by 'CuSO4' Yung, 2002.06.24

    Event only @manbow goods selling at the event:

    • Clear File Set, member 1000 yen, non-member 1200 yen
    • Pauline Donburi, member 1500 yen, non-member 1800 yen
    • Polo Shirt (M and L only), member 2000 yen, non-member 2500 yen
    Run down
    • Announcement by @manbow Technical Consultant, @Inoue
    • Song (western song, name unknown)
    • Panda Question
    • Talk
    • Quiz
    • Snack Time
    • Intermission
    • Song : Itsumo omotteirukoto, Sora ha kataranai
    • Video : CM for @manbow Clear Files
    • Song : Ruri to Ruriko (new, written for the event), UFO, Ruriiro no Chikyuu
    • Video : CM for Pauline donburi
    • Song : Anata no tame ni dekirukoto
    • Books Introduction : Nohara no Mystery
    • Song : Yume ni no nohara, Nohara no Mystery Hawaian Style
    • Lucky Draw
    • Offical Gesture
    • Encore : Hou-chan talk
    • Encore : Song : Hoppe ni yakusoku
    After the announcement Kikuko came out in a maid outfit: long black one piece with white apron. After the first song, they asked the Panda Question. Each audience had been given an answer sheet in advance. They have the outline of a panda printed on the answer sheet, and the audience need to draw the color distribution of black and white of the back of a panda.

    Yamazaki Takumi talked with Kikuko about President Panda. President Panda is the owner of the "Shiawase Travel Agency" which held the Inoue Kikuko Bus Tour last year. Kikuko said that Yamamoto Maria should be in the audience. (Maria sat just 2 rows behind me).

    Then they used slides to show Kikuko's seiyuu history and they talked about it a bit. They also report on the web site survey result of the Kikuko characters. The results are:

    1st : Belldandy of AMG
    2nd : Kasumi of Ranma 1/2
    3rd : Electra of Naida
    4th : Inoue Kikuko
    5th : Mizuho of Onegai Teacher
    6th : Aina of Gundam 08MS
    6th : Sakura of Aosora Shoujotai
    8th : Lobelia of Sakura Taisen

    Next comes the Quiz Time. As last year, everyone is given an Uchiwa (fan). One side is white Kikuko angel, the other side is black Kikuko devil. The audience is required to stand up. Takumi will then ask a 2-choice question. Audience use the Uchiwa to answer. You need to sit down if you replied the wrong answer. The last few people standing get a present. In the evening session, a few questions were very embrassing to Kikuko, and she turn her back to the audience and need a few minutes to recover.

    Next is the Snack Time. As last year, every audience was given a snack in advance. However, due to the regulation of the venue, food is not allowed in the seating area, so Kikuko and Takumi eat snacks on the stage, and we just sat there watching they eat their snack. ^_^


    After the intermission, Kikuko came out cosplaying Mizuho-senei of Onegai Teacher. Cute! She sang two songs and talked about Onegai Teacher a bit.

    Kikuko then went back stage to change clothes. A video clip is shown. Inside the clip, Kikuko and a panda puppet manupulated by her were talking and done a CM on the Clear Files on sale in the venue.

    Kikuko came out wearing idolish frilly pink knee length 1-piece skirt, with matching pink gloves, black think belt, and white high heel. She called herslef Ruriko-Seventeen and sang a few songs.

    Another video clip have Kikuko wearing nurse outfit and did a CM on @manbow Pauline donburi (large bowl, like those of ramen shop's, with Pauline, one of the character in two of her previous songs, printed in the center, with president panda and Wendenyan printer along side the edge. If you turned the bowl over, you will find a drawing of Kikuko eating ramen secretly ^_^. The bowl is now my main dinning tool.)

    Kikuko came out in a causal 1-piece and sang 1 song.

    Next was the introduction of a music book for 2nd grade school children, "Nohara no Mystery" in which the songs are written and sung by Kikuko. "Now that 300,000 2nd grader over the whole country listen to Oneechan's song in their education, brainwashing them, the number of @manbow members can be ensured after 5 years or 10 years time". ^_^

    Kikuko then sang songs from the book.

    Takumi announced the correct answer of the Panda Question. They draw a winner with the correct answer. After that, the Lucky draw was held.

    Kikuko and Takumi performed the Offical Gesture of @manbow together with the audience: Dendendenden Dendendenden Denchiha!

    For the encore, as usual, Kikuko talked about her daughter Honoka, AKA Hou-chan. Hou-chan is 4 this year. She then sang the last song of the event.

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