Rost (Idea)

Gamers Cafe
10:30 - ?
Miki Shinichirou (ðϺ)
Ishikawa Hideo
Kasahara Rumi
1260 yen (Rost Maxi Single)
  • Event report by Sebastien Jarry, 2001.12.25

Well, finally, I went to this event of the morning of the Japan emperor's birthday. The opening time of the shop was at 10:00. I get on the 2th Floor (the Video Game floor), for buying the Playstation game "Rost - I.D.E.A.". But the staff told me it isn't a video-game, but a CD -a Maxi-Single-. So, I went to the 4th floor and bought this CD-Single (it seems the theme of the Playstation game "Rockman X6").

After gave me a ticket for going to the event, the staff told me after what I must go out of the shop because for this event, I'd must accessing to the 7th floor by the back of the building. Then a saw the a "Female Otaku" queue (^_^;). We did 120 persons... 116 of us are womans... Female otaku are very different of male otakus... Very interesting.

After climbing the seven floors, we arrived at the "Gamers Cafe". I was on the 6th line of 13. It seems a all-standing event, but the staff asked us to sit on the floor. It was more great for see the show, and the 3 seiyuus was on a middle-high stage.

After 15 minutes of wait, the 3 seiyuus came. Hideo Ishikawa, at first ; wearing a black trousers and violet/black collar. Next, Rumi Kasahara came ; wearing a white collar and a white skirt. And Shin'ichirou came ; wear a black trousers, a white pull-over, a black hat and sunglasses.

The 3 seiyuus talked for 30 minutes, about the cover of the Maxi-singles, taked in front of the Shibuya's building "Shibuya 109" (the neon "Shibuya 109", on this photo replaced by a "Rost" neon), about the new Rockman X6". Of course, because my Japanese level is not perfect, I didn't understand all. 30 minutes, the talk-show finished, and a shaking hands session started !!! For, me it's my first "shooking hands session of my life ^_^).

I shook before the hands of Ishikawa Hideo, I said to him who I am... When he heared what I'm from France, he retaked my hands with his 2 hands and said me "Oh ! I'm very happy ! Very glad to know we have a fan in France. Really, thank you so much !!!

After, I shooked hands of Rumi Kasahara, I repeated the same thing than Ishikawa. Same reaction, very surprised and happy.

And I shooks hands of Shin'ichirou Miki, who's listened my discussion with Kasahara. After repeating, more shortly who I am, said :

Miki-san, do you know you have a great, great fan in Chile ?
What ?? In Chile ?
Yes. There's a girl somewhere in Chile who are totally crazy of you !!! If I'm here, it's for her.
Whoah !!! Incredible !!! I couldn't imagine what I have a so great fan in Chile. Really, thank you to said me that !!!"

After, I asked to Miki-san if he could signs on the back of cover of the single, the staff said me me it's OK, but I must wait for the rest of audience shooks hands. Before waiting, Shin'ichirou Miki gave me a Christmas card with the signs of the 3 seiyuus.

10 minutes, all audience got out of the floor. So, I came back to the seiyuus. Between the waits, I wrote the model of message what Shin'ichirou Miki could writing. So, he taked the cover, and on the back, he wrote : "For Andrea -Asuka Murase- my Chilean crazy fans. Your beloved Shin'ichirou Miki" and signs. Hideo Ishikawa and Rumi Kasahara signs also on the cover, upper their face.

It seems what Shin'ichirou Miki don't know English, because he wrote the message letter by letter. Between he wrote, I told to Rumi Kasahara and Hideo Ishikawa what it's difficult to finding something about Japanese animation products in Chile, and I'll send this Single in Chile. Their understood very well ; Kasahara said me I'm very gently and generous (^_^). Miki listened me between he wrote. I had enough time to told them what I'll appears tommorow on NTV at around 7:00 P.M. A new surprise reaction from them. Ishikawa said he will looking with a great attention.

After what Shin'ichirou Miki finished to write and signs, I started to go out, and said to them : "For her, thank you so much ! Good bye and courage".

Important : all conversations I had with them was only in Japanese !!!

It was a great report, with very good memories. Very great. All seiyuus was very kindness, gently, etc...

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