Sakura Taisen Super Talk Show (3/31)

  • Event report by Emily, 2002.04.02

Sakura Taisen Super Talk Show
"Glory to Dreamcast" / Sega Game Jam 2
March 30-31, 2002


  • Yokoyama Chisa (Shinguuji Sakura)
  • Takano Urara (Tachibana Maria)
  • Nishihara Kumiko (Iris Chateaubriand)
  • Fuchizaki Yuriko (Li Kohran)
  • Tanaka Mayumi (Kirishima Kanna)
  • Ikura Kazue (Reni Milchstrasse)
  • Shimazu Saeko (Glycine Bleumer)
  • Kozakura Etsuko (Coquelicot)
  • Takamori Yoshino (Kitaooji Hanabi)
  • Hidaka Noriko (Erica Fontaine)
  • Suyama Akio (Oogami Ichiro)
This is the March 31 report.

This time, the first part of the Glory to Dreamcast segment was the talk session with the Sakura Taisen cast. Yokoyama Chisa and Nishihara Kumiko were crowd favorites. Unlike 3/30, Takano Urara wore a Shimazu Saeko-like suit outfit. Fuchizaki Yuriko did not look as nice as she did on 3/30; she wore a schoolgirl-influenced outfit. Hiroi Ooji acted as the emcee; producer Ooba Norio also attended. Tanaka Mayumi did not do her silly bowing thing this event.

Had Inoue Kikuko (Lobelia Carlini) been there, the entire Paris Hanagumi would have been assembled, but she could not be there that day. Hiroi had a message from Kikuko, saying she was sad because she couldn't be with them. (The interview would have been much more interesting had she been around, in my opinion.) Chisa spaced out momentarily, and Hiroi had to get her attention. ^_^;

The first question was to ask each person's opinions on ST4.

Yokoyama Chisa didn't really talk about it, but talked about seeing Segata Sanshiro at yesterday's event. She apparently got to do a commercial with him for Sakura Taisen, after confirming with Sega.

Takano Urara recently had an interview, asking which song remained with her the most and left a deep impression. She said "Only Man," which was a song from ST1. She knew that there were many fans who had continued to play since the first game, and decided that ST4 is good to bring back memories.

Nishihara Kumiko can't find one word to describe all the memories she's had, but yesterday, all the seiyuu decided to go out for dinner. All of a sudden, Kumiko remembered, "Kyou no gohan wa nani ka na~!" (What shall we have for dinner?) This is a scene from ST4 where the Hanagumi is in the dining room, wondering what to eat, and this is what Iris says. Then...

Kazue: We all ate yakiniku.
[everyone begins to laugh]
Mayumi: (does a rolling motion with her hands)
Kumiko: (laughs in surprise) I got drunk yesterday... I'm sorry!
Hiroi: Nishihara-san.. we're talking about memories of ST4, not yesterday.
Kumiko: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! ^_^;

Next, Fuchizaki Yuriko talked about overhearing Hiroi saying that the seiyuu would say their thanks to their fans. Yuriko wondered about this, but then remembered - and she said this in a very smooth, Tomizawa Michie-mimic voice - "Minna-san, arigato," and then began to hum a bit of Sumire's retirement chacha song, and said that this brought memories of the retirement.

Next, Tanaka Mayumi spoke about the live plays. Everyone else wore a wig, but she had to dye her hair red for Kanna's role. She had to shampoo every time afterwards, and was always the last to go home, and told Hiroi that this was very sad. She also said that in terms of art and design, it looks like Kanna's hair has changed the most. However, she said this oddly, and said that "Atama ga hen" for Kanna, making everyone laugh, and then quickly corrected herself, saying that she meant art-wise.

Also, she pointed out that she was indeed standing... when she stood, she was slightly taller than the others while they sat! Then Mayumi said there was one person in particular who she wanted to stand, and Ecchan (Kozakura Etsuko) immediately responded, "Oh, it's me, isn't it?" and came out front. Mayumi was happy to find someone shorter than she was. However, Kumiko and Yuriko suddenly came out and stood next to both Mayumi and Ecchan (Mayumi: "I didn't ask you two to stand!"). ^_^; They're huge compared to both of them! (Especially Kumiko...!)

Next was Ikura Kazue. She said her favorite memory of working on this was that everyone worked well with each other. She was going to pass the mic, but then Mayumi interjected, "You're not Reni, you're Ikura Kazue! So speak some more!" Kazue then said that her favorite song was "Tsubasa," which was performed by Kohran and Iris. It was her very favorite song. Mayumi asked if she liked any of the songs she sang, and while Kazue said they are fine, there was always songs she could listen to over and over again without getting sick of it. Originally, it was "Sound of Music," but "Tsubasa" replaced it. (Yuriko and Kumiko were very happy. ^_^)

Next was Shimazu Saeko. She said that her memories may not have been a lot like the Teito Hanagumi, since she only started since ST3... suddenly, she paused, and she got very emotional and was actually crying, while Ecchan comforted her. Mayumi said that there *are* people out there like Saeko who enjoyed "Sakura" a lot! Saeko then asked the crowd if they liked "Sakura," and received a warm response. Then Saeko said loudly, "Watashi mo daisuki!"

Kozakura Etsuko loved the live performance. Before they performed, she watched the "Teito Hanagumi senpai-tachi" perform, and was amazed at it. She was very nervous, wondering if she could do it, but she managed to have fun at the end.

Takamori Yoshino agreed that the show part was great, and even now, she can't believe she did it. She said that she never knew that kind of great feeling that comes from the live performance and also from the audience during the performance and was thrilled to be a part of the show.

Hidaka Noriko too was impressed with the show. It was something she had never done before, because behind the mic when doing seiyuu work for anime, she was focused, and it was fine. However, the singing-dancing thing that comes from live performances was very interesting. She said hearing Kikko-chan (Inoue Kikuko) as Lobelia made her sound so gallant and brave, but seeing her dancing was another ordeal. ^_^; Also, Yoshino had to practice walking in part of the dance, and the dance instructor kept poking Yoshino's butt to get it right... Noriko knew everyone pretty well, but through this experience, she also learned new things about everyone, too. She valued her time with ST3 and ST4, because she got to be closer with the other cast.

Also, Noriko made a self-discovery of her own. She had always wondered why she was Erica, and had been playing ST3 and ST4. In ST3, she had always tried to get Glycine to like her, but it never worked. ^_^; Also, Noriko adores Maria a LOT from the Teito Hanagumi, but again, she could not get Maria to like her in the game, either! ^^; She reflects to an event in ST4, where Glycine and Maria are talking by the stairs about leading each of their groups. Noriko chose the choice about taking care about the "problem children," (any of the girls who caused trouble/recklessness, like Erica, Lobelia, Kanna, Orihime, etc.) and lost points with both girls. Noriko realized that since Erica was a problem child herself, this was why she answered it this way. ^_^

The next part was a talk session. The first topic was, "Dreams You Had When You Were a Kid." (Dreams meaning future-wise, and career-wise.)

Chisa said that when she was in kindergarten, she wanted to be either a singer or a professional gymnast. In elementary school, she saw a comedian, and decided she wanted to be one. Then at the end, she had a blonde-haired teacher, and wanted to be a student in that person's class.

Urara said she wanted to be Peter Pan, and even tried to practice flying by jumping off the veranda, but did not get hurt. Mayumi commented, "Definitely 'Unbreakable.'" (Referring to the Bruce Willis/Samuel L. Jackson movie.)

Kumiko wanted to be many things, like Himitsu no Akko-chan (an old anime magical girl heroine), but her biggest dream was to become a bride.

Yuriko wanted to be a waitress... ^_^;

Mayumi said confidently, "Super model!" which caused many people to laugh. She was ready to pass on the mic, but Hiroi told her not to lie and asked her to tell the truth ^_^;. Then Mayumi did an impression of an elevator girl, and said that she had always admired the outfits they wore, and had wanted to be an elevator girl. [Note: When I was little, I admired the elevator girls, too... ahh, I find that very weird now. ^_^;]

Kazue wanted to be Janet Lynn, a figure-skater. She was very cute, and Kazue wanted to be just like her. ^_^

Saeko said she wanted to be a clothes designer, then later to an actress. (Speaking of actress... Saeko's normal voice is very high and almost cutesy-like. HUGE difference from low-voiced Glycine!) She said her dream to be an actress is true, now.

Etsuko said she never knew what she really wanted to be, and recently, she found a home video. She saw herself reading blurbs from manga, and from an early age, it seems like she wanted to be a seiyuu.

Yoshino had been playing piano and wanted to become a pianist. However, in elementary school, she decided she wanted to be a manga-ka. She couldn't draw fingers well, however, and they always came out fat, so she gave up on it.

When she was little, Noriko wanted to be many things, like a stewarddess, nurse, and so on, but in 4th grade, she realized she wanted to be an actress, so she went to an acting school.

Ooba said he liked cars a lot. Later, he wanted to be a thief. ^_^; Then Hiroi asked him about his first kiss... which Ooba had been hesitant to go over in yesterday's event for fear of his wife. ^_^; Mayumi asked him for the girl's name...

Next topic: What are you currently working hard at?

Chisa is currently working hard on rehearsals for "Sakura Taisen," and is also working hard at the wadaiko. However, she just learned to play the shamisen.

Right now, Urara is not working hard at anything, and said she works hard at only a few particular things. ^_^; She starts to work hard last-minute.

Kumiko said she's on a diet. [Diet?? -_-; Futtotenai yo, Kumiko-san...] She got an exercise machine? (Or one of those ab pad things?) Hiroi pondered getting one.

Yuriko started off with, "To not let negative power..." Hiroi didn't hear her and asked again, confused, and Yuriko collapsed onto the table, and the others laughed and helped her. (Also, Hiroi called her "Fucchi." ^^;) Yuriko said she was going to try hard and smile and not let her own problems show to other people. Mayumi made another comment I didn't catch, and then Yuriko said as her ending comment, "I really want to get married!" ^_^; (From yesterday's event.)

Mayumi said that she was working hard to maintain good health, and had to take some medicines.

Kazue said that when she was a child, she wanted to be Janet Lynn. Now she wants to be like Martina Hingis, the tennis player. Hiroi heard that Kazue was a very good tennis player, and Kazue is also a good swimmer. Kazue plays tennis frequently. She also taught Mayumi's son how to ski up in Nagano.

Saeko is working hard to clear all the endings for all the girls in Sakura Taisen 4! ^^

Etsuko is going to a shoe school (?) to design shoes for herself.

Yoshino's is working hard to walk with her back straight, since she slouches, and is also working hard to prepare delicious food with squid (?).

Noriko (or "Nonko-san," according to Hiroi) joined a sports club. Also wants to prepare delicious squid food, like Yoshino (?).

Next topic: A book that moved you deeply? (Or manga.)

This time, it started from Noriko. Her mother recommended a book (I didn't catch the title).

Yoshino enjoyed the manga, "Wata no Kunihoshi," by Oshima Yumiko. She wanted to do the voice of Chibi Neko, and this is when she decided to be a seiyuu and entered seiyuu school.

Etsuko recently watched a documentary about Afghanistan in which Tsurata Mayu was in it. She bought a book about this (?). She said she can't remember a book from long time ago, and can only remember recent things - she can't even rememeber what happened the day before.

Saeko said she read the scripts for "Sakura" - not just Glycine's, but everyone's scripts, and this moved her deeply and gave her a better understanding.

Kazue said her favorite manga series was "Slam Dunk!" and read it many times, and liked Sendou-kun.

Mayumi said that books had not moved her as much as manga did, except "Shuukan Erotopia."

Yuriko liked "Garasu no Kamen" (Glass Mask), and other manga. The book she constantly read, however, was "Les Mis," aka "Aah Mujoh."

Kumiko liked the manga "Candy Candy" and always wanted to be like Candy. She also liked "Tori-atama" as a book. She never remembered books as much as manga. She is currently reading the book

Urara said her favorite manga was "Ashita no Jou," and one another one. Also had interest in ghosts, and ghost stories.

Chisa's favorite manga were that of mostly boys, which included "Makaro ni Horenso," "Susume Pilots," and now is "Azumi to Vagabond." She hates the "Kumo to Iito" story.

Suddenly, Hiroi said, "Oh? Look! Don't just sit in the crowd watching, Oogami-san, Matsubana-san. Come up!" He went into the side of the crowd and brought Suyama Akio, Oogami's seiyuu, and Matsubana (or Matsumoto?), one of the "Sakura" staff.

Akio was flustered, but introduced himself, as well as Matsubana. Then Hiroi said that they need to do some explaining on their own, and posed the question, "What is your ideal girl?" to Akio, which ensued cat calls from the audience. ^_^;

Akio: Um, you mean as Suyama Akio, right?
Ooji: Of course! We're not in any roles here!
Akio: Ah, OK. ^_^;
Ooji: What, you want to answer from Oogami's point? Who is it?
Akio: Ah... I couldn't... ^_^;
[at this point, the female seiyuu and the audience urge him on ^^;]

Akio answered (from his viewpoint, not Oogami's) that he wanted a kind girl who was very gentle and nice to him.

Ooji: Were all these ladies nice to you?
Akio: (shaky answer, laughing) O-Of course.
Mayumi: Why are you trembling?! Why are you trembling?
Ooji: Hey! We're not playing around... you have answer straight-forward.
Akio: OK. ^_^;;
Ooji: Now, were they nice to you?
Akio: (glances back at the seiyuu) Th-they were... (breaks into laughter)
[the entire seiyuu cast gets mock-mad and yells out, "Nande?!"]

Then Saeko pointed out that Akio glanced over to the right side of the seiyuu particularly, and Hiroi said, "Oh, so the Paris seiyuu were nice to you?"

Afterwards, they asked Matsumoto what his ideal girl was. Suyama was asked to sit next to Ooba. After a bit more chit-chat, the seiyuu talk session ended and everyone left as "Yume no Tsuzuki" played in the background. Hiroi and Ooba talked about the release of the OVA series (1 episode about Sumire's retirement and 3 about the Paris Hanagumi), as well as the Super Kayou Show on August 15-19 at the Aoyama Gekijou.

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