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  • Christmas Fantasy Live - 2000

    Christmas Fantasy Live
    Oribe Hall (Roppongi)
    2000.12.23 - 2000.12.24
    ??:?? (two shows daily)
    Sakurai Tomo
    ? yen
    • Event report by Stephen Lee, 2000.12.24

    It was at Oribe Hall in Roppongi. I didn't buy ticket early, but I was doing something else nearby so I checked it out. Turned out they still had tickets at the door so I went to the last show.

    159 people attended, of which ~100 are fan club members (they got post cards and got to go in first). The hall was only half-filled. I am not sure how Tomo-chan felt about it...

    They didn't have programs for sale. I wonder whether they sold out, but I don't think so.

    We were supposed to be from year 2300 who were riding a time-travel ship to see 2000's XFL event. However there was some error and we ended up in the 1930's Shanghai. A Tomo-chan "lookalike" (since Tomo-chan did not exist at the time and place) sang during this first half, mostly slow songs. I did not recognize the songs, but then I am not very familiar with Tomo-chan's songs.

    Then a raffle was held, mostly goods from past years. Since it is the last show and they had a lot of 2001 calendars left, everybody gets one, including people who bought them for 2,000 yen right before the show. Then they raffle off Christmas gifts from each person on stage. Some of them brought gifts, and some of them brought rings and bracelets which they took off from their finger/arm right on the stage. Tomo-chan's was a towel she brought for the show, but didn't use. (She took it out from the front of her shirt, though...)

    The second half of the show was her old songs, and everybody joined in the routine. Everybody got distributed a cracker and some people brought ribbons, which we fired off/threw at the end. It was fun to be with these dedicated fans.

    Tomo-chan will have a Valentine event at Feb 12 next year, and she asked us to come back for her live (I suppose XFL) next year.

    Then, on the way out, they STILL have calendars left, and the girls were giving them to everybody who wants one. I saw one person got 10 calendars stuffed into his bag.

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