Chori Wonton Sound Musical

Chori Wonton Sound Musical
released 2003.02.11
1700 yen

This is a CD of the Chori Wonton Sound Musical performance that took place during the Merry Merry LaLaLu Sweetest Christmas event on December 8, 2002. The entire musical was done lip sync, so this is exactly the soundtrack that was played during the event.

The tracks are as follows.
  1. Hajimari Hajimari
  2. Oscar to Mary Aino Katarai
  3. Shutubotu Lady Compass
  4. Omatase Simasita Chori Wonton
  5. Sentou Kaishi!
  6. Lady Compass Shourini Yoishire
  7. Tuini Sinka! Sononamo Super Twins
  8. Super Twins no Theme nesshou
  9. Sinjitu no Ai to Heiwa no Tameni
  10. Kandou! no Finale Soredeha Sorosoro
  11. Omake

In addition to the musical, there is a 17 minute "omake" track which contains talk by Sakurai Sara and Miyanishi Noa. They talk about Chori Wonton.

The cast is as follows.

ChoriSakurai Sara
WontonMiyanishi Noa
Lady CompassMinano Fuuko
OscarHinano Mayo
narrationHinano Mayo
MaryOhtsuka Mae

Even though this is a home-made CDR, there is a color jacket featuring the Super Twins and all of the other characters from the musical.

This CD was only available at the Idol Style event on 2003.02.11. It was a limited print of 50 CDs (actually home made CDRs). I bought two of them.


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