Last Seasons

Last Seasons (LaLaLu)

released 2003.05.17
3150 yen

This is the first album by the seiyuu group LaLaLu.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Sweetest Rush
  2. You & I
  3. Jewleaf
  4. Real Power
  5. Risky Nails
  6. Kimi no Tonari
  7. Try or Cry
  8. Bitter Session
  9. Chori Wonton no Theme
  10. Lady Compass no Theme
  11. Super Twins no Theme
  12. Kami-sama ni Ichiban Chikai Hi
  13. Clap & Jump
  14. After Dream -from You & I-

Many of the songs on this album were re-recorded with the current seven members. The previous maxi-CDs were recorded with eight members.

The first and last tracks are just music (contains no vocals).

This album comes with a trading card and ticket. There are 17 different cards, with three of them being "rare" cards. Those who get a rare card can send in the ticket for a special CD. Those who don't get the rare cards can also get this CD by sending in 10 normal tickets.


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