LaLaLu Sweetest Rush

LaLaLu Sweetest Rush

not for sale
given away 2003.06.22
VHS, 20 minutes

This video was given away to all members of the LaLaLu fan club during the Fan Club event on June 22, 2003. Those fan club members who could not attend that event got their videos through the mail.

The contents of the video are as follows.

  • Sweetest Rush Merry Merry LaLaLu (2001.12.24)
  • Sweetest Rush Liberty Point S (2002.09.27)
  • Sweetest Rush Merry Merry LaLaLu (2002.12.08)
  • Sweetest Rush Parade Parade (2003.04.21)
  • Sweetest Rush The Last Revue (2003.06.22)
Sweetest Rush is the name of the opening video that they run at the beginning of major events. It's basically a video made up of clips of previous LaLaLu events.

Because there are clips of old events, Itou Asuka and Aina appear in some of these videos.


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