My Sweet Darling (Meru Puri)

My Sweet Darling

on sale 2003.08.15
2000 yen

This is a CDR that went on sale during Comic Market (2003.08.15 to 2003.08.17). The jacket has a color picture on the front, and lyrics on the back. The CD itself has a color label stuck on it.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. My Sweet Darling
  2. My Sweet Darling (karaoke)
  3. radio drama "Entame X Reloaded"
  4. messages
There is only one song on this CD, lyrics written by Shinomiya Rino, and sung by Meru Puri ( Shinomiya Rino (ĵǵ) and Miyano Shizu (ǵ) ).

The "radio drama" on this CD is basically a commercial for a cel phone message service. This CD is "supported by" X-tend, the company selling the cel phone message service..

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