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    Hikami Kyoko events (2000)

    Some of the events that Kyoko has appeared in during the year 2000 are as follows.

    2000.01.23Tra Choco Chat public recording
    2000.01.30Digi Chara Festival III
    2000.02.11Di Gi Charat Valentine Concert
    2000.02.12Seiyuu Festival Dream Power 2000
    2000.03.22Digiko no Heya public recording
    2000.05.03Digi Chara Festival in Big Sight
    2000.05.04Digi Chara Festival in Big Sight
    2000.05.13Chiffons handshake event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2000.07.23Tokyo Character Show
    2000.08.05Hikamix event in Animate Ikebukuro
    2000.08.20Di Gi Charat Matsuri
    2000.08.26Yuukyuu Final Concert -Manatsu no Sotsugyoushiki-
    2000.10.21Di Gi Charat 4th Concert
    2000.11.04Game Dra 5 Shuunen Special Night
    2000.11.12DiGi Charat Tour in Nagano
    2000.11.26DiGi Charat Tour in Sendai
    2000.12.09DiGi Charat Tour in Okayama
    2000.12.24DiGi Charat Tour in Osaka
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