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    Hikami Kyoko events (2002)

    Some of the events that Kyoko has appeared in during the year 2002 are as follows.

    2002.01.13Shinshun Di Gi Charat Matsuri
    2002.02.10Di Gi Charat Happy Valentine Concert
    2002.02.11[13:00] Suginami Special Anime Fair in Secion Suginami
    2002.02.14Kyoko kara no Happy Valentine in Animate Ikebukuro
    2002.02.17Hikami Kyoko Uki Uki Akushukai
    2002.03.30[17:10] Character Entertainment Convention main stage
    2002.05.04[13:00] Di Gi Charat & Angel Tai Concert
    2002.05.19[15:00] Shinsengumi Internet Radio fan event
    2002.07.07G Station Label Best Animation Selection Go! Go! Event
    2002.07.21[14:30] Tokyo Character Show 2002 Summer [Broccoli Stage]
    2002.08.04Toho Gakuen Housou Seiyuu Ka Taiken Nyuugaku
    2002.08.18[14:00] Yotsuya Shiki Cyber Project event
    2002.08.23[18:30] Shinsengumi Internet Radio The Matsuri
    2002.09.08Bistro Cupid premium party
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