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  • Fujita Akane Tokuban

    title Fujita Akane Tokuban -Ohzora he-
    date/time 2017.05.21 13:30-15:00
    broadcast niconico
    archive http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv298030605
    seiyuu Fujita Akane (ƣİ)

    This was a special live broadcast for Eromanga-sensei, but the title was "Fujita Akane Tokuban".

    The broadcast started with some of the staff members on a runway. They didn't know why they were there, and what was going to happen. Then a small plane landed and rolled up to them. It was a plane with drawings of Eromanga-sensei characters on the side.

    Then Fujita Akane came out of the plane.

    There was a collaboration between Eromanga-sensei and E Flight Academy, and this plane was part of it. But they called it E-manga sensei.

    Akane went into the plane and showed the decorations and such. She even sat in the cockpit.

    They were in Fujisan Shizuoka Airport. They set up chairs and did the live broadcast in front of the plane, under the hot sun.

    Akane read out a lot of info about the airport.

    Then they gave out lots of info about Eromanga-sensei, the goods and upcoming events.

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