Renai Flops Kanketsu Kinen Tokuban

title Renai Flops Kanketsu Kinen Tokuban
date/time 2023.01.22
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Ohsaka Ryouta
Itou Miku (ƣ)
Takahashi Rie (ⶶ)
Kanemoto Hisako (⸵)

This was a broadcast by the seiyuu of the TV anime Renai Flops. The seiyuu were Ohsaka Ryouta, Itou Miku, Takahashi Rie, and Kanemoto Hisako.

They just had the final episode of the TV anime, so they were going to give a lot of spoilers. They showed scenes from the anime and talked about the story.

The bluray box will go on sale 1/25. Rie opened the box and showed the contents.

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