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  • New Game Namahousou SP

    title New Game Namahousou SP
    date/time 2017.08.11 21:00-22:00
    broadcast abema tv
    archive https://abema.tv/channels/new-anime/slots/9BndTCZP7QHzDM
    seiyuu Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
    Yamaguchi Megumi
    Toda Megumi
    Takeo Ayumi

    This was a live broadcast for the TV anime New Game (second series).

    The four main seiyuu, Takada Yuuki, Yamaguchi Megumi, Toda Megumi, and Takeo Ayumi participated.

    At the beginning, they recaped the first 5 episodes of the New Game TV anime, with each seiyuu picking out scenes that they liked.

    Then they had a design contest, where each seiyuu had to draw (design) a bear character. They took a viewer survey, and the winner was Toda Megumi. Ayumi was second, Yamaguchi Megumi was third, and Yuuki came in last.

    Then they played the arcade music game "jubeat", which had the New Game Second Season opening and ending songs. There were two machines, and Yuuki played against Yamaguchi Megumi, Ayumi played against Toda Megumi.

    At the end, they gave information on the New Game CDs and goods that will go on sale.

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