Anime Pia Channel 106

title Anime Pia Channel (アニメぴあちゃんねる) 106
date 2017.02.23
hosts Takao Yuki
Hata Sawako (秦佐和子)
Kouno Marika (高野麻里佳)
guests Takigawa Arisa
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This was the 106th broadcast of Anime Pia Channel.
The emcee for this broadcast was Hata Sawako.

The first corner was the "recent photos corner".

Sawako showed a photo of the Cocolors live event that took place the previous weekend. Everyone was wearing matching overalls. Sawako wore a size S, but she said it was a little too small for her.

Marika appeared in the train station advertisements for the game PSO2. They used large photos, and they were larger than life sized.

The next corner was the "upcoming events corner".

Sawako has a lot of events coming up. She will appear in a Tylor musical on 2/25 and 2/26. There are also events on 3/5 (Koezuka in Tokyo MiX Vol.03), 3/30 (Blue Reflection), 4/1 (Battle Spirits Double Drive), and 4/29 (Matsu Iga Produce Vol.2 DVD).

Marika has events every week in March.

The guest for this week was Takagawa Arisa, a singer. They talked with Arisa for around 20 minutes, and then showed a promo video of her latest single.

The next corner was the guest kendama corner. Arisa missed the first time, but then she was successful the second time.

Then they went onto the "Takaben" (Takao Yuki's bento) corner.

Before going to the fashion check corner, there was a surprise birthday part for Marika. Her birthday was 2/22, and she turned 23 years old. Sawako gave Marika some flowers, and Yuki gave her some presents.

Then they went to the fashion check corner. Instead of the regular small hand held camera, they used a big camera. Marika was enjoying using the "real" camera.

Sawako was wearing black boots (she said it was still cold), a knit one piece, and her hair was in braided twintails. She also had a golden necklace of a goat.

Next they showed some old photos of Arisa, and talked about them for about 10 minutes.

The last corner was a reflex games corner. They played two games, and the winner would get a crepe brulee.

Yuki won the first game, and Arisa won the second. So they did janken to determine the overall winner, and Yuki won.

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