Taketatsu Ayana TV Channel Kaisetsu Kinen Tokuban

title Taketatsu Ayana TV Channel Kaisetsu Kinen Tokuban
date 2017.04.29 21:00-21:30
broadcast http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv296528178
archive none
cost free + members only
host Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈)
assistants Sasaki Hitomi
Uchida Shuu (内田秀)
Amako Junna

This was a live broadcast to commemorate a new niconico channel for Taketatsu Ayana. The first 30 minutes was a free broadcast, and the last 30 minutes was for members only.

Ayana was sitting at a table. There were three other girls around her. Ayana was the "princess", and the three were her "ministers".

Sasaki Hitomi was the Education minister, Uchida Shuu was the Foreign minister, and Amako Junna was the minister of male psychology.

They started off by reading some mails. Then they went to Ayana's studies.

The first lesson was English. The teacher was Shuu. Shuu had grown up and lived in Australia for 18 years. So her English had an Australian accent.

The phrase that she taught Ayana was, "The hug pillow cover has come out of the screen, so there's just one more step to go!"

After teaching Ayana the phrase, Shuu asked Ayana to read it by herself.

The next corner was the study of male psychology. The teacher was Junna. In this corner Junna introduces games with male characters (otome games), but they couldn't use the actual game screens. So Junna wrote things down on in a sketchbook to explain the games and characters.

After Junna's lesson, it was the end of the free broadcast.

There was a short break before the members only broadcast.
But the first 15 minutes or so was watchable..

Ayana and her minister played some games. Ayana won and got to eat a piece of ham. The losing girls had to drink a glass of bitter tea.

The next corner was a mini drama corner. They took the table away, and everyone stood to do the audio drama.

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