Lyrical Concerto Hatsubai Kinen Niconama

title Lyrical Concerto Hatsubai Kinen Niconama
ã LIVE BD/DVDLyrical Concertoȯ䵭ǰ˥
date 2017.05.09 22:30-23:00
archive none
host Taketatsu Ayana (ã)

This was a live broadcast to commemorate Taketatsu Ayana's live bluray and DVD release. "Lyrical Concerto" was going on sale 5/10.

Ayana was making hand prints (left hand) on signature boards. She wanted to see how many she can make during the 30 minute broadcast. These hand prints will be given away as presents to those who buy the BD/DVD.

They showed a promo video of the live bluray.

Ayana was talking and explaining what was going on in the video, but then she stopped making the hand prints. She said she couldn't talk and make the prints at the same time.

Ayana also showed the actual bluray and some of the contents.

Next Ayana started reading mails. Since her left hand was red with the ink, she just used her right hand to get and read the mails (printed out on paper). There were many questions about the concert.

Ayana said that she's very nervous before her concerts, so she can't eat that much. She usually lives on water before the concert. But afterwards she eats.

Ayana said there will be a fanclub event in June.

At the end, Ayana also made some prints of her right hand.

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