Taketatsu Ayana TV 3

title Taketatsu Ayana TV 3
date 2017.06.25 22:00-23:00
cost free + members only
host Taketatsu Ayana (ã)
assistants Sasaki Hitomi
Uchida Shuu (Ľ)
Amako Junna

This was the 3rd broadcast for Ayana TV. Most of the broadcast is for members only, but some parts (around 15 minutes) were broadcast for free.

The "Ayana non-fiction" corner was broadcast for free. It was a corner were the four seiyuu read an audio drama. This was around 8 minutes.

The ending was also broadcast for free. At the beginning of the ending, the "ministers" gave a birthday present to Ayana. It was a large pillow in the shape of a piece of meat on a bone. The ending part was around 7 minutes.

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