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  • Best Album Shuuroku Kyoku Fan Touhyou Kaihyou Niconama

    title Best Album Shuuroku Kyoku Fan Touhyou Kaihyou Niconama
    竹達彩奈 ベストアルバム収録曲 ファン投票開票ニコ生
    date 2017.08.20 20:00-21:17
    broadcast http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv304494306
    archive none
    host Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈)
    cost free

    This was a live broadcast of an event where they gave the results of the fan voting for the songs in the best album by Taketatsu Ayana. The fans voted for the top 14 songs, which was going to be included in Ayana's best album.

    In this broadcast, Ayana had to guess which songs would be in the top 5. If she got at least three of them right, she would get some very expensive chocolates.

    Ayana wrote her to 5 choices, and they started the countdown. Ayana's choices were as follows.
    1. Rice to Meet You (ライスとぅミートゅー)
    2. Hey Calorie Queen
    3. Candy Love
    4. Hikari
    5. Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!

    First they announced number 14 to 11. After the announcement, Ayana read some fan comments about each song, and talked about them a little.

    Then they announced 10 to 6. Ayana was surprised about some of the selections.

    For the top 5, they announced them one by one.

    1. Onpu no Kuni no Alice
    2. Miss Revolutionist
    3. Wonderful World
    4. Jikuu Tours
    5. Yumeiro Soliel
    6. Lucky Tune
    7. Kajirikake no Ringo
    8. Little Lion Heart
    9. Candy Love
    10. Shuumatsu Cinderella
    11. Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!
    12. Hikari
    13. Hey! Calorie Queen
    14. Rice to Meet You
    Ayana only got 2 correct, so she couldn't get the choco. Then Ayana pleaded. The emcee said that if Ayana would say something cute to please the fans, she could get the choco. Then they gave her the line, and Ayana said it. The fans said it was good enough, so they brought a tray of chocolates to her.

    Ayana was surprised at how expensive the choco was. The staff said that each one was 1000 yen, and there were 10 of them. Then Ayana ate one, and said it was delicious.

    At end they made some announcements about the best album. The name of the album was going to be "Apple Feuille", and it was going on sale 11/29. There were three packages, CD+BD, CD+DVD, and CD only. There would be on new song, "Ayana Koukoku Kokka" (あやな公国国歌). The video contents would be a new promo video for "Ayana Koukoku Kokka", some making of video, a "music video complete collection" (13 songs), and a "yakiniku eating video". Ayana said the yakiniku video would be funny.

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