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  • Taketatsu Ayana no Yabou with Power Up Kit

    title Taketatsu Ayana no Yabou with Power Up Kit
    date 2019.03.29
    broadcast niconico
    archive limited time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsLtvCHMLjE
    hosts Taketatsu Ayana (ã)
    Uchida Shuu

    This was live broadcast by Taketatsu Ayana for the game Nobunaga no Yabou. Uchida Shuu also appeared as Ayana's assistant.

    It was archived on youtube between 4/12 and 5/31, 2019.

    They made a character for Ayana inside the game.

    Ayana played the game for around 100 minutes. She cleared her mission, so she got a present at the end, which was a sukiyaki set.

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