Live House Tour 2019 "A" BD Hatsubai Kinen namahousou

title Live House Tour 2019 "A" BD Hatsubai Kinen namahousou
date 2019.11.06
broadcast youtube
host Taketatsu Ayana (ã)

This was a live broadcast by Taketatsu Ayana for her bluray/DVD of her Live House Tour 2019 "A" concert.

Ayana said she just cut and dyed her hair. The color was smoky topaz.

They showed a 5 minute digest video of the bluray. Ayana showed some of the tokuten goods.

Ayana said that there will be an extra session of this concert on 12/21. The first part Analyze will be a talk (and song) show, and the second part Another will be a concert.

There was a corner where Ayana had to draw pictures of some English words that started with the letter "A". The words were "airplane", "alligator", "athlete", "acorn", and "angler". She got "alligator" right, but she didn't know what any of the others were.

In the next corner, Ayana talked about meat. There was a 8 minute video of Ayana eating expensive meats at a yakinuku store.

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