Deemo -Reborn- Hatsubai Kinen Special

title Deemo -Reborn- Hatsubai Kinen Special
date 2019.11.24
broadcast niconico, youtube
host Taketatsu Ayana (ã)

This was a live broadcast for the rhythm game Deemo- Reborn-, which went on sale 11/21. There was a free part, and a members only part. The seiyuu guest was Taketatsu Ayana, who does the voice of the main character.

There was an event in Taiwan for this game, and Ayana went for some of the stage events.

They introduced the game.

Then Ayana played the game (VR version). If she can reach the combo target, she can get some prize, which was a roast beef don (as Ayana likes meat). Ayana said that she was used to the smartphone version, but not the VR version. But Ayana played and reached the target.

Then Ayana played some of the story parts of the game.

Later Ayana read some lines in the very soft voice of her character.

At the end of the free broadcast, they said that Ayana will eat the roast beef don in the members only broadcast.

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