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  • Girls Band Party Tokuban -1 Shuunen Chokuzen-

    title Girls Band Party Tokuban -1 Shuunen Chokuzen-
    date 2018.03.09 22:00-24:00
    broadcast abema tv
    archive https://abema.tv/video/episode/392-54_s0_p1
    hosts Terakawa Aimi ()
    guests Nishimoto Rimi (ܤ)
    Katou Emiri (ƣΤ)
    Hata Sawako (»)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)
    Kurosawa Tomoyo

    This was a special live broadcast to commemorate the one year anniversary of the game Bang Dream Girls Band Party. The emcee was Aimi, and the guests were Nishimoto Rimi, Katou Emiri, Hata Sawako, Kudou Haruka, and Kurosawa Tomoyo (one member from each band).

    At first the kigirumi for Michelle was there, but Tomoyo came to replace her.

    Sawako was wearing a black top and long beige skirt. Her hair was in braided twintails.

    The set was just like the live house "Circle".

    Next week (3/16) is the one year anniversary of the game Girls Band Party, so there was a presentation by each band to decide what they will do in the "real" one year anniversary broadcast next week. Emiri (Afterglow) went first.

    Then in the Girlpa News corner, Aimi put on some glassed and read some Girls Band Party news. There were going to be some present campaigns. There were going to be 3 new cover songs. They just announced one of them today, "Hare Hare Yukai", sung by Hello Happy World + Ran + Aya. They showed some of the game song screen, and said that it will be released on 3/10.

    Sawako said she recently bought bluetooth earphones, but the sound doesnt sync correctly, so it's too hard to play the game with bluetooth earphones.

    There will be a major software update, with new customization options new voices at the start, and voices for full combos.

    Then they continued with the band presentations. Rimi (Poppin Party), Tomoyo (Hello Happy World), Sawako (Pastel Palettes), and Haruka (Roselia) did the presentations. At the end, everyone voted for one group (not their own), and the winner was Hello Happy World.

    Then the viewers voted for one more, and it was Afterglow.

    There was a "guess the lyrics contest", and each girl had to sing the lines of one of their songs.

    There was also a one minute "after talk video". This video was also available on youtube.

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