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  • Bang Dream 3rd Season Seisaku Happyoukai

    title Bang Dream 3rd Season Seisaku Happyoukai
    date 2019.12.12
    broadcast youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOHq4otNTfg
    hosts Terakawa Aimi ()
    Aiba Aina (걩)

    This was a live broadcast of an event where they gave out a lot of information about Bang Dream.

    The seiyuu hosts were Aimi, Aiba Aina, and Raychell. Several members of the anime and game staff joined them on the stage.

    They talked about the 3rd season anime. They also gave out information about other Bang Dream goods and events.

    There will be 7 CDs released between 1/8 and 4/8, and they will contain 2 episodes of the anime.

    There will be a 24 hour Band Dream TV 2020 broadcast from 1/2 at 23:00, and many Bang Dream seiyuu will appear.

    The Internet live broadcast Bang Dream TV Live 2020 will start on 1/23, at 21:30. The first host will be Itou Ayasa, Aiba Aina, Raychell, and Kohara Riko.

    There will be a big concert on 5/3 at Metlife Dome, Bang Dream Special Live Girls Band Party 2020. The performers will be Poppin Party, Roselia, Raise a Suilen, Sakura Ayane, Maeshima Ami, and Itou Miku.

    The Bang Dream 8th live will take place in August.

    • 8/21 Roselia
    • 8/22 Raise a Suilen
    • 8/23 Poppin Party

    The Roselia Radio Shout -Lachen- talk shows will take place in January.

    date location guests
    1/16 Zepp Nagoya Misawa Sachika, Ozawa Ari
    1/20 Zepp Tokyo Ohtsuka Sae, Hikasa Youko

    There will be an Afterglow Special Event on 2/2 with all five members of Afterglow. The guests will be Itou Ayasa, Ozawa Ari, Sakuragawa Megu, and Yoshida Yuuri.

    Then they showed the animated Kirin tea commercial featuring the Poppin Party members.

    The Bang Dream Girls Band Party Covers Vol 3 CD will go on sale 12/18. on sale 12/18

    The Bang Dream Girls Band Party Pico 2nd Season OVA will be made.

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