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  • Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 3 Shuunen Chokuzen SP

    title Girls Band Party @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku 3 Shuunen Chokuzen Special
    date 2020.03.01 20:00-21:35
    broadcast niconico, youtube
    archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mljIIgl5WHg
    hosts Itou Miku (ƣ)
    Toyota Moe (˭˨)
    guests Ohtsuka Sae (ͼӱ)
    Misawa Sachika (߷)
    Ozawa Ari (߷)
    Kudou Haruka (ƣ)

    This was the 33rd broadcast for the game BanG Dream Girls Band Party.

    The hosts were Itou Miku and Toyota Moe. The guests were Ohtsuka Sae, Misawa Sachika, Ozawa Ari, and Kudou Haruka.

    In the opening talk, Miku said that the pollen has been flying around since mid February. Moe said she will be 25 in two weeks (on 3/15). Also, Girls Band Party will have it's 3rd anniversary on 3/16.

    After Sae, Sachika, Ari, and Haruka came, they gave out a lot of new information. Ari and Haruka's characters are sisters.

    They also introduced the new band Morfonica. There was a promo video of Morfonica.

    Then Raychell came as a special guest. They announced that both Morfonica and Raise A Suilen will appear in the Girls Band Party game. Morfonica will be added on 3/16. Raise A Suilen will be added in the summer.

    There will be a free gacha every day from 3/16 to 4/4.

    There will be some special broadcasts for the 3rd anniversary. One broadcast will be on 3/15 starting at 23:00, with Ohtsuka Sae, Nishimoto Rimi, Kudou Haruka, and Sakuragawa Megu as guests. There will be another on 3/16 starting at 19:00, with Kohara Riko, Aimi, Sakura Ayane, Maeshima Ami, Aiba Aina, and Itou Miku as the guests.

    There will also be live broadcasts on 3/21 and 3/22, that were scheduled as part of Anime Japan (which was canceled).

    For the game corner, Sae, Sachika, and Ari played together, and Haruka and Raychell were the other team.

    At the end, they announced that there will be a Bang Dream live on 5/3, Bang Dream Special Live Girls Band Party 2020. The performers will be Poppin Party, Roselia, Raise A Suilen, Sakura Ayane (Afterglow), Maeshima Ami (Pastel Palettes), and Itou Miku (Hello Happy World).

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