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  • Bang Dream TV Live 2020 30

    title Bang Dream TV Live 2020 30
    date 2020.08.27 22:00-
    broadcast youtube Bang Dream channel
    archive one week only
    hosts Maeshima Ami (簡)
    Hata Sawako (»)
    anime Galpa Pico Oomori episode 17

    This was the 30th broadcast of Bang Dream TV Live 2020. The hosts were Maeshima Ami and Hata Sawako.

    This was the first time that Ami and Sawako hosted a Bang Dream show by themselves. Ami said this was the first time she appeared on this show since they started showing Galpa Pico Oomori.

    In the first corner, they read many mails.

    There was a question about what they did during summer vacations in the past. Ami said she started working when she was young, so she did mostly lives during the summer vacations.

    Sawako said she spent her vacations going to her music club practice. She played clarinet in junior high, and violin in high school. Sawako said she doesn't like going to the pool or ocean or mountains.

    Then they made a lot of Bang Dream announcements.

    The Bang Dream 8th live which took place on 8/21 to 8/23 will be rebroadcast in September.

    There were many upcoming lives for Bang Dream.

    The Pastel Palettes 7th single "Yume Yume Gradation" will go on sale 9/30.

    On September 2, there will be live broadcast to introduce some of the new Bang Dream figures. The hosts will be Ami and Aiba Aina.

    They showed many of the new Bang Dream goods.

    Then they showed the short anime Galpa Pico Oomori episode 17. Pastel Palettes were the main characters in this episode. They transformed into the fighting heroes, Mahou Sentai Pastel Ranger.

    In the next corner, they played one game of Girls Band Party, the song "Yume Yume Gradation". Ami played expert mode and Sawako played hard mode.

    In the next corner, Ami and Sawako had to perform some tasks. At the end, they had to draw a picture of their own Pastel Ranger character.

    The hosts of the next broadcast (31) will be Itou Miku and Toyota Moe.

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